Thursday, February 16, 2012

Game 2 of 2012 - Arabian Ranches

Captain’s Report February 2012

February Game – Arabian Ranches 10 February 2012

Another good day at the beach!!! An enjoyable Jiggers game was held at Arabian Ranches this past Friday, 10 February 2012.  The course unfortunately was not in great condition – this did not appear to hinder the scoring with some telling scores from a number of players, especially the Abu Dhabi contingent.  This raised some consternation during prize giving with a few calls for a Stewards’ enquiry.  Even some suggestions that the fiber optic highway between Abu Dhabi and the Handicapper in Dubai was obviously experiencing major snarl ups in the Ghantoot area! To their credit, there was not even a hint of embarrassment from any of our Abu Dhabi brothers as they strode up to collect their winnings with a show of gumboot dancing in appreciation.

A big thank you to Big Kev who showed great organizational skills in getting a field of 32 players together, with 22 Jiggers and 10 Guests. His social skills also came to the fore in arranging a separate venue for prize giving. A thank you also to Kev and to Chep (yes he does have a day job) for further generosity in sponsoring a prize for the longest putt of the day. 

Overcome with good fellowship after the amber kicked in (and another matchplay victory), Kev extended his offer to the longest putt on each hole.  There was some confusion here as the scorers had not banked on this outpouring of charity but nevertheless 7 players were found to have qualified and will be joining Kev for a game of golf on Chep’s account.  Kev’s organizational skills did not end there – with sleight of hand he managed to arrange to tee off at the back of the field and so avoid having to do all the scoring after the game!!!  A great day all the same – thanks Kev.

Welcome to our 10 Guests: -

o    Stewart Selby
o    Chris Fraser
o    Karl Bishop
o    David Donaldson
o    Ed deClerq
o    Martin Rose
o    Mark Barr
o    James Bisset
o    Paddy Dalton
o    Shaun Pollock – even those supporting (the about to be dethroned) number 1 cricket team were impressed! Also the lowest handicap to grace a Jiggers field – plus one!!

Thanks to Dave McKerchar who, in good Scottish tradition, filled the Jiggers coffers with flocks of falcons.  This included an unusual fine for the Black Dog who morphed into a Meerkat when his opponent claimed to have located a lost ball in a great position after a long search in the Ranches bushes – all a setup of course!

Prize Winners

Individual Stableford (open to Jiggers members only)

o    Kevin Hudson - - - 41 points
o    Wally Robinson - - - 38 points

Betterball Stableford

o    Kevin Hudson and Andre Naude - - - 50 points (an all time Jiggers record)
o    Paul Webb-Jones and Shaun Pollock - - - 47 points
o    Kelvin Tayfield and Karl Bishop - - - 43 points

Individual Shotmakers

o    Nearest the Pin 0 – 14 handicaps - - - - Rob Edgecombe
o    Nearest the Pin 15 – 28 handicaps - - - Wally “Wunputt” Robinson
o    Longest Drive 0 – 14 handicaps - - - Shaun Pollock
o    Longest Drive 15 – 28 handicaps - - - Chris Fraser


o    Kevin Smyth beat Wayne French 1 up
o    Wally Robinson beat Paul Webb-Jones 2 & 1
o    Peter Hedley beat Alan Stanton 1 up
o    Craig Strydom beat Dave McKerchar 4 & 3

Another giant killing effort from Big Kev has left Wayne French contemplating a trip back to SA in search of a local soothsayer to deal with the psychological damage inflicted.

Pete Hedley and Alan Stanton’s ding dong battle over 36 holes all came down to the last hole.

A number of matchplays which need to be completed before the end of February: – Dave Jones v Corey Spring; Tony Geldenhuys v Brian McKerchar; Erik Dekker v Declan Clements.  Please make the necessary arrangements.

Next Game

Friday, 9 March 2012 at Saadiyat Beach Golf Club

Confirmed tee times for 28 players from the 1st and 10th tees between 8:10AM and 8:40AM

Organizer: Andre Naude
Fines Master: Sean Drury

Please note these tee times are being secured by a credit card and any no shows will be charged for.

The full selection of photo's from the day's golf may be viewed here.