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Game 1 of 2012 - The Earth Course at Jumeirah Golf Estates

Captain’s Report on the January 2012 game
January Game – Jumeirah Golf Estates – The Earth Course 13 January 2012

A very successful first game of the year was held at Jumeirah Golf Estates (The Earth course) on Friday, 13 January 2012.  The game was enjoyed by all except perhaps by the Abu Dhabi contingent whose early tee times meant an upset to their regular morning constitution. (The Lesser Spotted Desert Warthog, alias Wally Robinson, was heard baying like a wounded buffalo as he contemplated another meeting with the green keeper behind the dunes on the 14th!)

A big thank you to Bruce Penn who showed great organizational skills in getting a field of 32 players together, with 28 Jiggers and 4 Guests. A lesson in this – Bruce put the notice out early and the response was terrific.

Welcome to our 4 Guests: -

·         Chris “no need to shower” Smithfield

·         Paddy “eaten more fish than I have caught” Dalton (good to see you back Paddy)

·         Bryce “silky swinging” Allan

·         James “watch out Bruce” Bisset

Also thanks to Pete Hedley who did a marvelous job in eking out those dirhams from moth eaten wallets and getting the Jiggers fines kitty off to a flying start.

Two of our members were fined AED 20 in absentia and are obliged to top up the kitty at the next game: -

·         Sean Drury for suffering from delusions of grandeur by describing his ability to hit the 18th in 2

·         Erik Dekker for putting triathlons, biathlons, athlons, ballet, swimming, and other commitments ahead of attending Jigger’s prize giving. (Erik, your uncollected winnings were donated to the kitty so you are reprieved.)

The Earth Course was still in magnificent condition following the Dubai World Championship but judging by the scoring it was found by most to be extremely tough.  Perhaps the curse of Friday the 13th jinxed our players or perhaps we were still struggling with the effects of having swallowed the Christmas Weber lid, but this may go down as one of the worst Jiggers performances on record!  The general consensus was that Greg Norman, in designing the course, must have been bunker “bevok”!

On a serious note the speed of play was generally much better in this game – well done guys.

Prize Winners

·         Individual Stableford (open to Jiggers members only)

Mike Berry               33 points

Kelvin Tayfield          31 points

·         Betterball Stableford

Kevin Hudson and Paul Webb-Jones                  44 points (great dove-tailing!)

Bill Collins and Charles Arnestad                         39 points

Erik Dekker and Ernest Hosking                          38 points (well played Erik!)

·         Individual Shotmakers

Nearest the Pin 0 – 14 handicaps                       Bryce Allan

Nearest the Pin 15 – 28 handicaps                     Chris Smithfield

Longest Drive 0 – 14 handicaps                         Wayne French

Longest Drive 15 – 28 handicaps                       Andre Naude

A number of first round matchplay matches were played:

Player 1

Player 2
Ant Milne
Jean van Loggerenberg
2 & 1
Kevin Hudson
Andre Naude
3 & 2
Rob Edgecombe
Ernest Hosking
4 & 2
Bruce Penn
Dalton Taylor
6 & 5
Kelvin Tayfield
Brian Schofield
6 & 5
Peter Hedley
all square
Alan Stanton
Bill Collins
Dave Green
8 & 7
Mike Berry
Charles Arnestad
6 & 4

Dave Green was fortunate to survive a fine for threatening the current Captain’s notable Jiggers matchplay “klap” record!

For the vanquished – all is not lost as the plate event will kick in.

Next Game
Friday 10th February at Arabian Ranches
Confirmed tee times for 32 players from 1st and 10th tees 08:00 to 08:30
Organizer: Kevin Smyth
Fines Master: Dave McKerchar

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